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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 10, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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turn back again. >> he didn't get it right. >> hopefully you did. and on time today. thank you for joining us. >> america's news headquarters starts right now. >> thank you. >> the search for a missing airline. we start. i am bill hemmer. >> i am alisyn camerota. the stunning revelations and add to the mystery and the plane's disappearance may not have been an accident. search crows are stumped for the boeing. it was carrying 239 people. and heading to/beijing before disa poring between vietnam and mayla sia. the oil slick came from cargo
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ship and not the plane. >> we have a report from the chemistry department that it is, they have reported that they have confirmed that the oil are not from an aircraft. >> three americans were on board flight 370 and 1 of them an ibm executive who visited his family in texas after relocating from/beijing. woods' family is not giving up hope to find him. >> i have been reminded not to give up hope. you never know. i am not going to close that door until we need to close it completely. >> it is so missterrious. >> we'll have more on the search. one of the passengersoused
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a stolen passport. and we'll have live report minutes from now. >> new concerns of the impact of obama care. the president said the affordable care act is key to giving americans their fair share. part of the base said it does the opposite. lou dobbs how are you tonight. >> good afternoon bill. >> what is the impact of the law? >> effectively that obama care will cut in many cases the wages of low income earners by $5 an hour because of the extraordinary high premiums and deductibles that are associated with the affordable care act. this comes from the first union.
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it is a hospitality union, it was the first to endorse president obama in two where are 08. they are saying it loudly. >> they are saying limit the access to health insurance and tell cut hours and wages? they may not find anything good in the law, lou. >> they do not. in fairness it is important to note they sought a wafer to obama care and it was denied. they are not pleased. but the members. higher premium ands lower wages and there is nothing to find here that is good for their membership. by the way, they follow a very interesting line, most of the
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wafers and the number of wa iveres granted. it is about the same number of people who signed up for obama care. three percent. >> wow. >> ironies and imbalance. >> they went for a waiver and they were denied and this is an overtour to try to get the waive're renewed. >> now tis too public and obvious. i am not questioning the sincerity. they conformed to the congressional budget office and other organizations that are reporting on the devastating acts of the affordable care act on millions of americans. what we have right now, bill. this will cost the affordable care act and obama care 2 trillion in the next decade.
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it will be 2 trillion to sign up 5 or 6 million people at this rate if this continues and makes this the most expensive program in america's history. >> and a loss of five bucks an hour. that will not make a lot of folks happy. we'll see whether or not they get their way in the end. check you out in prime time in fox business. >> health and you map service department is set to look at the maryland exchange. congressmanandy harris is the state's representative. he is confident that the independent inspector general will conduct a to though investigation. >> the missing bog vanished
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three days ago between vietnam and malaysia. and david piper is streaming live out of bangkok. >> reporter: exactly three days ago, they haven't found any trace of. it and they are widening the search in the hopes they will find. it early reports that debris found a the vietnam military was untrue and an earlier oil slick after lab test is shown to be not jet fuel. the radar signal showed that the plane may have tried to turn back to malaysia. and the international search is taking that in account by looking in a wider area. including the western seaboard
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and beyond opposite side of the country and widened the search in the south china sea where radio signals indicated that was the last position before vanishing. they are focusing on two passengers on board who were traveling on italian and austrian passport. their tickets were bought together and they had trips on to/beijing and europe. it is reported they didn't express a preference for which flight they took to get to europe. at a new's conference, the authorities say from studying cctb, they have identified one of the men but not say who he is at this time. we can't jump to conclusions. millions of people are traveling surprisingly or not on stolen
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passports every year. >> thank you, david. it is moving to day four. david, thanks. alisyn. tensions in ukraine are rising. russia sewed a hospital and missile base and tightening its grips despite calls from president obama and world leaders to solve the crisis. several gop candidates weighing in on how they would handle a defiant russian president puttenment>> he is a kgb thug. the president should have stood for freedom and when the united states doesn't speak for freedom it. >> and there are vulnerabilities that can be exploited and consider targeting the enabler ares and their epiablers. >> there is not one republican
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to say military troops in crimea or ukraine. so i think i am in the middle of that position. >> let's dissect the difference. joining us is chris stirewalt. >> hi, alley. >> and we'll start with ted cruz. when he said the president should have stood unapologietically for freedom. does he mean taking military action. >> no. what he means is that by allowing his redline to get ripped up in syria and in other instances around the world, that the president invited bad guys to be bad guys and someone like vladimar putin feels he can act in ukraine because the president has not enforced previous boundaries.
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>> and rand paul took heat in the gop circles saying the u.s. should seek respectful relations with putin. republicans don't think that is going far enough. >> rand paul is calling for you don't mess with us and we'll not mess with you. he's calling for the united states to be less engaged overseas from a military stand point, and when they do engage but engage the heck out of people. walk softly and carry a big stick. what is happening, they are trying to make different overtures. cruz is trying to let the republican establishment know he is more like them than rand paul. paul has been closer than the other libertarian guys when he is helpful to mitch mcconnell
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and others. cruz feels he can set himself apart. ncongressman paul ryan said we should target. >> is that not what president obama and kerry are trying to do? >> the hard line for the republican establishment, how dow talk about what the president is doing that is wrong and at the same thing to encourage him to do what is right. we heard from the republican establishment that you hear it under their voice and you got to go faster and do more, but they don't want to be seen as publicly critizing him. >> and of those three positions, which one is gang more traction? >> rand paul won the c-pac straw poll. and if you call him and you couldn't and it would be wrong,
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but he is the front runner at this moment. but when the republican establishment takes on the foreign policy is it going to be okay? the democrats are likely to nominate hillary clinton. >> thank you for the analysis. >> and the search for the airline continues. no trace? we'll talk about how and what they are searching for now. >> new medical testing shoes promise in who might develop alzhimer in life. >> and a murder suspect gets tough and punches a police officer in the face. that is rude in the nude, next. aflac. ♪ aflac, aflac, afc! ♪ [ both sigh ] ♪ ugh! ♪
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a murder suspect punching a corrections officer and that
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suspect was naked. they caught the entire incident. and the officers removed all of the suspect's clothing, he gets unruly and the suspect is now facing a charge of assaulting an officer in addition to murder. >> fox news alert for you. search in answers for the missing airline 370. investigators are scouring the waters and so far no sign of the plane, and no distress call. mike boyd has decades in avyigz security and crash investigation. >> the search times have yet to find a single pose of the plane, what does that tell you? >> it doesn't tell us something. when an airplane breaks up thousands of pieces. and it would be pieces in the water. it is a stoperbing and like it
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vanished off of the face of the earth. >> is there any possible way an airplane like that goes in the ocean in one piece? >> impossible. something will break. and there were no messages and it is like what happened. it was immediate and catastrophe which means something caused that plane to go down rapidly and they have found no pieces. >> beyond terrorism. what causes the plane to disintegrate at 30,000 feet. >> very rare. this type of airplane there is only one mechanical failure that caused an accident and no one was hurt or died. but we had an airplane where in flight one of the engines decided to go in revoer thrust
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mode and that happen. but you have results of it somewhere. you have debris. there is nothing here. >> we heard from our reporter on the ground there they are expanding the radius of the search. it was prevuously this morning, the size of the state of the pennsylvania. those how big of the area of the ocean. how close dow have to be to the black boxes to pick up pinging. >> fairly close. that is where they lost track is where they start. did it do something else or go somewhere else? it obviously didn't hit the water where they think it might have. and the pinging. we found the black box in the air france crash that was found
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months later. that may be found again here. >> was that black box from air france pinging? >> the pinging goes on 48 hours or so or a couple of days. they can track it down and debris field. it would be orange and not black. >> what do you think happen here? >> i think something that tore that airplane apart. the airplane didn't make note of something going wrong. it is very, very rare all of the debris would sink. >> we hope they find something. and for a glimmer of information. mike boyd, thank you for your expertise. >> and certainly new
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developments. and former defense secretary gates giving a blunt assessment. >> i don't believe crimea will slip out of russia's hands. >> you think crimea is gone? >> i do. >> and he will go to the white house and is crimea already lost to putin? >> and a sky diver collides with a small plane and lives to tell about it. what he said moments before impact. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement
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homemade sleds drawing
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crowds in pennsylvania. >> i don't know if that is going down the mountain. >> that is a garbage truck. >> they hit the snow tube with the card board. >> by the end only a traction was intake. nlove it. >> and what a winner, huh. >> the winter. >> it is still winter. >> i saw sunshine over the weekend. >> and so we want to know. >> how much will you miss the winter of 2014? >> send me a tweet. we'll read your best tweets later in the show. >> a plane and a sky diver colliding in midair. the wing of the plane was entangled and cut the strings of
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the parachute and with more on how it could possible end well. >> stove frost had done sky do i having but never was a rotating propeller coming barrelling at him. >> it was a gorgeous blue day. and frost was just feet from putting his foot back on the ground as a plane was coming in for a planning. >> the plane and parachute cloyed and an -- collide. >> he flew toward me and i had to make myself small and tried to spode up the flight of the parachute to get out of the way.
10:26 am
but my parachute got on the wing. i was going to hit the ground very hard. >> i was lucky. >> the 87-year-old pilot and world war ii veteran was making the third approach and there was a big red parachute. and he pulled the stick and avoided a propeller versus human disaster. >> i saved his life. the right wing would have hit him below the neck. sure am thankful to be here. and how it wound up i don't know how i did get here after what happened. >> the coalition wrecked the plane. his injuries were minor. scrapes and browses. there is an investigation on
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this. and by the way, we don't miss winter at all. >>'s running it in. >> that is an incredible story. we can't wait for the investigation. >> and nice touch at the end, bill. >> the prime suspect of a teenager. when vander sloot might be on american soil. >> senator ted cruz said republicans can dismantle the health care law when the president leaves office if not before then. he is very optimistic and we'll debate. that >> do you honestly think you can get it repolled. >> every word. >> what is funny, john, the media treats that as a bizarre proposition.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. three days after the malaysia airline vanished a massive search failed it find any sign of it yet. investigators say the oil slick found in the the ocean was no connection with the missing jechlt >> peru agreed to extradite vander sloot after 28 years.
10:32 am
sloot is the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holoway. he will be 58 years old. >> and thousands gathered in texas for a rattlesnake roundup. >> this began as a way to control the snake population in west texas. >> they say it tastes like rattlesnake. >> it tastes like chicken. >> one thing that preserves the party. if the democrats stand with obama care and lose or listen to
10:33 am
the manner people. we could do it in 2015. if not we'll do in 2017. >> and ted cruz said republicans can repeal obama care. >> despite efforts they have come up far short from repealing this. we'll have our gentlemen here. thank you for being here. is senator cruz overly optimistic here. >> no. it is doing to which damage to americans and kill canning jobs and going to kill americans because we are hearing stories where people are denied medical care. the law has to go before it kills more jobs and people. >> richard. >> the law will not get
10:34 am
repealed. point blank period. beyond that point, by the time we get to 2016. if the republicans take over the house and senate and white house, the law will be seeing the benefits and it will be ultimately impossible. >> richard, this is why ted cruz' logic. he said demd-- democrats in red states that have distanced themselves from the law and not on board with the law. people have tried to come up with their own solution to. it and that's why senator cruz thinks there are vulnerability. >> that is because of the roll out not being good. but the receipt poll shoes that young people like the government help people to be better
10:35 am
americans. and they will be voting in 2014 and 16, what will happen vulnerable democrats will get support from the millennials. >> i know you argue it is not seltzed law. >> it is not true. >> you have to have the white house. if you are a republican to get rid of it? >> the president realized that the law is disasterous. and the evidence of that he made 25 major changes in the law. we talk about the subtle law. it is modified so much it no longer resembles what the supreme court signed off on and congress passed. i understand that the president can veto a bill that came out of a changed senate and house in 2015 depending on what the voters do, but at some point the president has to come to terms
10:36 am
that it is not the roll out and website, the law is failing in the united states and his stated goal gets people -- >> that's not thorough lares. >> if the goal is to get uninsured people insured. only ten percent of the people who are signing up in obama carry was previously insured. if the goal was to get people insured it is not working. >> richard, your response. >> it was to change and overhaul the medical system. they are trying to get it to work. but the ben fetes of the law are back out this. 50 million americans with preexisting conditions can now get health care. and until the republicans come up with ideas. you have idea on how to repolice the affordable care act.
10:37 am
nlares. 6 million people cancelled and throw added. >> what is the solution? >> hold on richard. nmore people uninsured and very few previously uninsured went under obama care. that was the president's stated goal. and the law is not doing it. >> richard, i know we said that is the last response. can you address. that we learned that it is not insuring the uninsured in the numbers it was supposed. to >> the law was created to make health care affordable for all americans. and work on expanding medicaid and then the law will make sure those who want to get health care can get health care through the exchange. it will take time. but once again folks on the right and grand old party don't have new solutions for the
10:38 am
problem. >> lares, and richard thank you for joining us. new reports out of the ucrepe russian troops opening fire trying to take the military base in crimea earlier today. and president obama getting ready to meet the ukranian foreign minister and to try to find a peaceful resolution. how are you michael. >> i am just find. and a lot of talk now. we were on with senator mccain. he is believing that crimea is now vladimar putin but he is optimistic he is wrong. but they told chris walls it is gone. >> i would say there is no silver bullet to the crisis and the crisis certainly wouldn't be
10:39 am
defused with military muscle. the problem we have bill, the president is set in terms of inconsistency in the contemporary history and in the debate of debate is set. and we have to rewind from serbia and the roles reversed and the prospectives from russia and the u.s. look at britain. it has a situation with scotland and sudan. this is a similar situation there. >> each of these -- >> you can find these examples all over the world, but dow think that crimea is putin's yes or no. >> i think it is complex. i wouldn't like to say it is his definitely, but there are key
10:40 am
things that the u.s. and west can do to make putin's life difficult. they can take the city in the united nation's security council. they can take it this can vote on it and show to russia the opposition that it has. and within terms of a referendum there should becomes. kiev and ukraine have not bought into the idea. they have to be. >> in terms of economy. russia is in tough types. i think their stock market is down 20 percent and that affects the wealthy in that country. is putin the kind of guy who caves n. will he say they will gut their way into it. >> i am not in putin's head.
10:41 am
the economic line of development is where the u.s. and west can hit putin hart. short- term. stocks are dropping. and bonds are soar and this ruple is solid off. that is short- term and long- term, the u.s. needs to hit hard and speaker boehner mentioned this. europe gets 30 percent of the energy security of natural gas from russia. if america offered germany and holland and italy the big consumers of the natural gas from russia. that will hurt russia hard long- term and affect their economic revenues and then push forward with sanctions and it is not going to work because germany is too relint on russia on the gas. economic is key.
10:42 am
and the other thing. nato. this is giving nato a raise. and the west and u.s. can do expedite the memberships of maldovaand substantate 98o. it is a thorn in his side. it is long- term threat. >> and michael kay, a lot to think about. there appreciate the analysis. >> a potential break through in the fight in alzheimer. and the doctor is in with how accurate the test may be. >> a two-year-old boycomes to the rescue on his mom. >> my daughter were afraid to touch the phone because it was
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>> check in with gretchen carlsson. >> i am fantastic. and we'll have the latest on the crash in may lassia airlines. why don't the black box transmit information in real time? and the trial is captivating, another emotional day in the oscar pistorias murder case and what made him vomit in the courtroom today. >> should middle-class kids be allowed to wear i bobbies. >> we'll tell you what say then. a new blood test shoes potential in who will develop altimeser disease. >> critics are raising red
10:47 am
flags. this is fox news a- timer. what do you think of the test? >> it is wonderful news. we need a test that can predict early in the game before anybody gets symptoms whether or not there is something going on in regard to alzheimer. it is things like spinal tap and psyche hodgical test to see if you are losing your memory. to have a blood test that predicts who gets it is huge. >> this test has done and astonishing the doctors who would get it before the symptoms develop. >> is there something that patients can do to stave off the symptoms if they caught it early. >> a couple of things. this is a blood test looking at lipids and certain fats.
10:48 am
when's brain cell dies it doesn't go quietly. and with certain routine tests they can see the lipids going down and you had a change in the brain activity. it is the break down of the cell. we don't know the exact mechanism of alzheimer. we don't know why certain people get it. and so what they have to do now, do a much larger study with 525 people and 70 percent converted in having an abnormal tests and developed neurological deficiencies x. large scale tastes and narrow down lipids and see if you are able to pinpoint that narrative which would be ideal. and you can make a difference in
10:49 am
not only identifying the high- risk patients and focus treatment in the dpam that can change and slow down the process. >> you are supposed to do cross word puzzles and an actual treatment they can use. >> there is university here is looking at different -- the inside of the cell, looking exactly at why is this cell breaking down. there's certain genetic predispositions, we know a lot about alzheimer's. we have to put it together. that's one area of research. the other area is, finding out if you can tell -- early on, just like cardiovascular disease. we check cholesterol, inflammatory. go get an angiogram. same thing is going to happen hopefully here, but more studies need to be done. >> if this works, since this was so promising to doctors, when could it be available to the average person? >> i think it's going to be
10:50 am
large scale studies. >> it's cheap, available, nothing new, it's just honing in, making sure it does work in a very large scale population, and apply it perspectively, hopefully in two or three years, we might be talking about a test like this in the doctor's office, it's not there yet. >> well, that's promising. 2 to 3 years. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much for all the information. >> thank you. >> an american hero for years refused to be recognized as one. at 89 years old, this veteran finally getting the purple heart he earned so many years ago. >> he earned it the hard way, and everyone that's been in battle deserves to be recognized. ncer ] we all think about life insurance. but when we start worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on the thin that matter today. ♪
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a 2-year-old boy using his cell phone to save his mom from an attacking dog. laura was walking her dog, when another dog went after it, nearly bit off one of her fingers when she tried to break up a fight. her young son using face time on his phone to call his mother's friend she was able to call 911. >> i begged my daughters to call 911, they were afraid because my phone was covered in my own blood. >> all i could see was his own forehead. it was quiet for a bit. then i heard laura screaming. >> bentley was the hero, he unlocked the door for the firefighters when they got there. an 89-year-old world war ii veteran being awarded the purple heart he so rightly deserves, after refusing to accept it for nearly 70 years.
10:55 am
>> the honor of the purple heart was a long time coming for richard faulkner. he received the purple heart in new york over the weekend. the world war ii vet was even 19 years olds when nazi soldiers shot down his b-17 unit over german occupied france. 17 died and 12 were taken prisoner, faulkner was the only one that escaped. surviving the crash was only her father's first challenge. >> he had to wait until the germans had looked for him, they had seen somebody had gone down, and after they left, after nightfall started, the farmer came out and found him and started him through the french
10:56 am
underground. >> faulkner refused the purple heart seven decades ago saying he never felt he was worthy of the honor. he only recently decided to accept it because of the encouragement of his family members. >> i don't deserve this. there's a lot of others that deserve it. >> he accepted the purple heart so he could show his three grandchildren and four great grandchildren his accomplishments. now that this is over he hopes all the attention will die down and go back to normal. a modest hero about. >> great story, laura. >> we recognize him today. it was a little warmer over the weekend, so we wanted to know how much you missed the winter of 2014. >> you can hit us on twitter, we will read your best tweets about the winter that never ends. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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and i couldn't do any of that. any time anythg brushed up against thisash it would seelike it would set it on fire again. it was the worst pain i ever had. how much will you miss this endless winter?
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>> ask me that again when we're 30 degrees over 100 degrees. >> we will. >> carla, i'll miss the winter about as much as i'll miss that abscessed tooth. >> thanks so much for watching. here's gretchen. fox news alert for you today, dozens of planes and ships backed by 10 different countries searching for that malaysian airliner that disappeared without a trace. interpol investigating whether up to 4 passengers had stolen passports on that plane. the men who used the stolen passports did not appear to be asian. five passengers checked on to the flight but did not board on to the plane, but their baggage was removed before it departed. rescue teams searching primarily in the south china sea. the fbi not yet sending


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